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Still havnt reached december update

(Topic created on: 26-12-2018 07:55 PM)
Galaxy S9 Series

My friend who is on the s8 has already got the december security update whilst I'm  using the s9 and I havnt got an update still and even when I check manually it say latest update already installed and it say security patch august 2018 

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Galaxy S9 Series

Wow your security patch is behind !


As far as I'm aware security patches and software updates are sent out in waves as not to crash the servers and is dependant on country, build and serial numbers and if the phone is branded which means network supplied or unbranded which is supplied directly by Samsung.


With branded Samsung phones it can be that the network stops Samsung from sending out the updates until they have tested the firmware etc beforehand and then allow Samsung to send it out when they are happy that nothing clashes with their network and installed software on the phone.


Also some have bought their phones privately from a seller or from another country and that then can delay updates as the phone updates are dependant on being sent from that country of origin.


As neither the Networks or Samsung will talk about timeframes for software releases it is best practice to periodically check the phones software update section.


Some people decide to install a custom rom to circumvent having to wait for the update but this can have negative effects too so a person considering this Avenue needs to first learn about the pro's and con's.  A good site is xdadevelopers.


Personally I'd suggest to not go down this route and anyone that does then does so at their own risk.


I hope you get your update soon.

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Galaxy S9 Series
A few things to make sure of, to ensure you get notifications for the updates as soon as they are available. It's a good idea to try connecting to a WiFi network at least once a day. Connect when you have over 50% battery available on your phone. Make sure you have enough space for the update too.

If you still don't receive the updates you can check for security updates on your phone too. To do this go to: Apps > Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Security Update > Download Updates Manually. Then if there are currently no updates available, turn on Download Updates Automatically.

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