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Smart View, 4k?

(Topic created on: 27-09-2019 04:11 AM)
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Hello all,


I wonder if someone knows the answer to this question.


Samsung Galaxy S9+ max resolution is not 4k, but when you share the image to a Samsung 4k tv, can you see the image in 4k? I'm speaking of, for example showing a video in 4k. Does it show the same way it shows on the phone screen or in real 4k on the tv?


Thanks in advance!

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Did you find some info about this? I was wondering the same and didn't find anything on the web more than this post

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I tried: I went to a shop selling large television screens. I asked the vendor to connect via Smart View or DEX to the biggest screens. the result was poor. we went to the next and to the next screen. everywhere the same quality problems. only when I tried with a medium sized television screen, the quality was reasonable. now, I am not trained to examine quality of videos or images. and they do not constitute a really hard test either. the toughest test is white letters on black background. you will see any visual artifacts clearly. so I did and the result was this: around the white letters there was greyish "dirt", which looked precisely like the so-called compression artifact. you will easily find tons of images online what that looks like in images or in letters. in consequence, this means that the output from the Samsung devices, let It Be Smart View or DEX is poor and absolutely nowhere 4K. I called the Samsung Hotline and various manufacturers of video projectors and television screens several times and nobody had any clue at all. 

summary: Samsung is not open to tell us about this. I wonder if projecting from Apple phones or tablets via their proprietary Wi-Fi transmission methods is better or not. 

I wish so much that Samsung technical representative would post here a clear message containing the actual data on limitations and clear up this mystery and lack of information. I would highly highly appreciate this.