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Seriously - Can any UK users actually use the s9 phone for anything?

(Topic created on: 08/06/18 03:24)
New Member
Galaxy S9 Series

Hi guys,


I'm sure you've all heard the non-functional mobile data/signal issue many times no this forum - HAS A SOLUTION ACTUALLY BEEN FOUND BY ANYONE ANYWHERE?


To say I m disappointed is an understatement. Immediately from the first time I switched on this phone - the signal was worse than any phone i've ever had, and i've just moved to Samsung from Huawei! I am on EE network in the UK i've tried many a million different network settings, from the official site, from the official store from online everything.

I have tried a different SIM cards, settings, reset, hard reboot, safe mode etc and it makes no difference at all in the end.

The mobile data eventually stops working and the signal goes dead. What is a phone without a phone signal?

I'm afraid I have no use for such a device.


Should I just go back to Huawei?


Has anyone with this problem found a long-term fix?