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(Topic created on: 17/03/18 08:38)
Galaxy S9 Series

Is any one else having SD card error on the S9 or S9+ I have a 128gb sandisk and 128gb Samsung and both I have the same issue it starts happening when I used the camera I get a message saying it detected an SD card and is now using it for storage or something along they lines now I have a rewrite issue it goes away if I restart my phone but it cames back again sometime laterScreenshot_20180317-072318_Facebook.jpg




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Galaxy S9 Series

This issue still continues with flagship Samsung devices. Got the same SD Card read write error in New Galaxy S10+. My SD card is Sandisk Ultra 128 GB and have been using it since 2017. It contains 3000 photos of my vacations. I purchased the phone on Amazon India and I started getting the above error from Day 1. I escalated to Amazon . They arranged for Service Technician visit and he was not able to sort out the issue. This particular SD card has served well in Galaxy S7 and then in LG V30+ and never once was I bothered. Amazon has issued a replacement S10+ and I am keeping my fingers crossed. Today I tried to back up my SD card to my laptop. Well expectedly it didn't go well. I was able to back up my music and some videos and around 750 photos out of 3000. But unfortunately I lost majority of my memories. Thankfully some were backed up in Google photos. Here in India, nobody seems to be aware of this issue. Even Amazon technical team is clueless. They have promised for full refund in case same issue occurs in the replacement phone.