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Screen locked camera off

(Topic created on: 14-10-2021 12:43 PM)
Hi folks, i got a trouble and terrible experience, someone is coming in my room and i tried to keep camera on my phone S9+ on to catch who is.
While i been on smoke area, someone coming in my room, find my phone and delete the video which i leave it on to recording, because the screen doesn't go in sleep or lock or to make off screen, no idea what he extra stolen from my personal data.
That is ridiculous that IT engineering doesn't think about so small issues to protect us like that small cases, well now i wanna report this trouble, and ask samsung IT engineers to sorting this trouble asap that really there is maximum for one day job to protect us, but for as it will be a big job.
If the samsung team will not lifting this question and resolve it, my mind at moment to get off my device from samsung server, and to become individual like a laptop, open CMD and doing whatever you like ( for example) 😁
But i really like samsung customer service and ill like to have this support which they give to you 24/7, i hope you will sort this issue asap folks, because i need it and we need it too.
Remember you protect our personal data, please doing property work, Thank you!
Helping Hand
Just a thought - take your phone with you when you leave the room!