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Screen issues with my galaxy S9 Flickering, Green/Yellow tint and Black bars

(Topic created on: 25-10-2020 02:14 PM)

So my phone was working fine the screen colors where ok I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and got back to this IMG_20201025_124324.jpgIMG_20201025_124408.jpgIMG_20201025_124510.jpgIMG_20201025_131432.jpg

as you can see the screen got a yellow/green tint out of nowhere, I thought it might have happened from heat (tho I have no idea how it might have goten hot since its 20 degrees in the room and the phone wasn't exposed to direct sunlight and was not in the vicinity of any heat source) and let it cool off for half an hour when i powered the phone back on I couldnt see anything on the screen although it powered up I saw the start screen with the same tint clearly once the phone booted up i got this IMG_20201025_150143.jpgand I couldnt make out anything and as of now i cant use my phone I can't call someone or I can't answer a phone call which is just .... fantastic, so I'm asking you guys do you have any ideas on what i should do to fix this issue and is there any explanation on what might be the cause of the issue. Looking forward to your replies.


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