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Samsung S9+ wont charge on wireless fast charger after last update

(Topic created on: 21-02-2020 10:36 AM)
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Hey guys!

Im based in Europe (Denmark) and I've never before had any issues with my Samsung wireless Fast Charge 


This is the Wireless charger 


on either my old phone (samsung s7) or my current phone (samsung s9+). Bought my s9+ about a year ago. 

4-5 days ago I updated my phone with newest software (android version 10),  through wifi at home, so no odd hiccups during install and reboot. 

Now my phone wont charge when I put it on the wireless charger pad. I dont have another phone to try on the charger pad, but pad lights up when I start it up, and I don't think it's the pad that is the issue. 


Wireless fast charge is enabled (under battery in settings). Also tried turning setting off and then on again and rebooting the phone. 


Any idea what could be the problem? Hopefully a solution that doesn't include a total reinstall :smiling-face:


Thank you for your time

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It could be a couple of things @Lyric80 


I assume all fast charging has definitely been toggled to On.Screenshot_20200222-052030_Device care.jpg




The phones hardware.

The cable might be developing a fault.

The charging brick might be developing a fault.


The best process of elimination is to try your phone on another charging pad.


And another phone on your charging pad and to swap around the charging brick and cable.


Or if you have one pop into a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre and they'll take a look.



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