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Samsung S9 no memory

(Topic created on: 08-08-2021 11:34 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

I'm on like my 7th or 8th Samsung phone, now the S9. For a phone that cost almost $1,000, 3 years of life is not what i expect. I now have to uninstall apps to download another. This is after optimizing, cash clearing and a 32G SD card for extra memory. I can't send texts without deleting others. This has happened 3 times now and I don't understand why I'm going to have to buy another phone after 3 years. 

Are they purposesely making updates larger? Is it just me or is this something others are experiencing also? 

It's frustrating and I've deleted or saved to cloud, sd card and have 12 apps that are using up almost 4G of storage. 

Each time I buy a Samsung, I've been disappointed in the short life I get out of it. 

I think I'm switching to the Google. I know my HTC one still works! It works just as well as it did in 2012, but the screen eventually cracked, but it still works. I used that phone until the S6 came out. Now I'm on the S9 and as already mentioned, have no more memory and nothing else left to delete. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy S9 Series
What size memory does your phone have?
Galaxy S9 Series
Are you able to upload a screenshot of your device storage?

Do you use the file manager to clean out your phone of any unwanted files or APKs etc?