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Samsung S9 (Horrible UI)

(Topic created on: 08-02-2019 04:11 AM)
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Recently I updated my phone expecting a smooth interface not changing much but tweaking it. I woke up to the cheapest looking pixelated icons Samsung has given me. I've had cheap phones and It looks like I have one again. I bought this phone for the smooth interface and sleek design it had. I open my apps to see that this update pixelated all the fonts for every app. The camera app is bugging me because of how poor it looks. The Samsung members app isn't opening for me anymore of course it isn't when I want to submit any feedback to the developers. I can tell the Samsung community is displeased with this. The clock is on the left side and I'm still used to it being on the right and it messed with all the customization options I had. I've been told to use the Samsung icons from the store but none of them go with the theme and are honestly just as bad as the icons I already have. I tried my best to tweak the navigation bar but who decided to slap the bar and not be able to move it? it was easier to swipe up and click out and not have to deal with a big ass bar taking up a large portion of the screen. Everything is thrown off and nothing has improved. I absolutely hate this user interface and I'd like to get the old one back. I suggest they stop trying to be like apple. This update is complete bull*****. What a waste of my goddamn money on this phone that isn't even in my control anymore. Thank you!

You have echoed everything that I feel about this OneUI. I'm a old BlackBerry user, who first started using Android with Huawei devices. I soon left them as I never lived the UI.

Moved to Samsung with the S8.. my first ever Samsung device and it was love at first use. The UI, the icons, the whole interface was just Devine. So much so my love, I ditched the S8 after a month and went for the S9.

Tried the OneUI when it was in Beta and hated it so much, I left the program and downgraded. Along comes the final release and I hear its improved so I install it. Oh how wrong I was... not only is the UI ugly in every sence of the word and no longer looking that sophisticated look of Samsung but now a cheap knock off phone. And the worst yet, my battery life is now gone to pops. Before I could hold a day charge, one I find myself constantly charging.

Well, for my other means and complaints.. see above to that wonderful post that's identical to what I'm thinking.