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Samsung S9+ and Clearveiw Case

(Topic created on: 04-07-2019 05:08 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

Bought a Samsung S9+ and a Clearview Case just over a year ago. The Case stopped working within a few weeks ,It doesnt seem to reconize that it is fitted. It no longer turns on/turn off when Iopen or close the case as it is intended to do.


The thing is that every time there is a system update it will start working again , the period it works for varies from a few days to at most a couple of weeks. It very annoying. Obviously there is nothing wrong with the sensor or how it is fitted else it would never work. I do not do anything to the phone or case when I am notified of an update. I just install it and for a short while the case works.


I have searched these forums and other places and the case not working seems to be a common problem, but have never seen a sure fire way to fix it. 


Its not a cheap case and bloody annoying

First Poster
Galaxy S9 Series
Hi j realise this is 2 years down the line, but just wondered if you did find a fix for this? I've just recently came across the same issue and tried all the Google suggestions so far 🙃