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s9plus software update

(Topic created on: 08-02-2019 11:59 PM)
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The new software update for the Samsung s9plus is absolutely awful! All the icons have changed its messes up your volume when receiving notifications even though I've checked everything is on the volume is so quiet you can barely hear it yet the speakers work fine when playing music or videos the whole layout has changed and not for the better it no longer shows that I have 4g the allways on display isn't allways on display as I can no longer see the time without having to light up my phone screen you can no longer just go home by pressing the home button as it will randomly scroll through all your apps and choose 1 for you to go on it crashes slot and can no longer see notifications or messages on my home screen I have to unlock my phone to see what messages I have and who from the whole lay out is appalling this software update has messed up so many things on my phone its unbelievable not at all happy with this update the previos 1 was much better and had no problems with that 1 I could allso go on with faults with the new software update but there is to many to list 

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As far as updates goes this must be the worst update I have ever seen. It's completely messed up my s9 plus to the point that a lot of the app doesn't work properly. I can't find my dialled call lists, waze doesn't work properly, and a lot more issues in general. Is there a way to go back to the last update? It maybe less secure but at least it'll allow me use my phone.