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S9+ wifi won't turn on

(Topic created on: 06-05-2020 07:23 AM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

Anyone else finding the wifi on their phone just won't turn on at all in any way shape or form? I've tried messaging Samsung, but due to covid and staffing they're not answering. Does anyone have a fix because I'm using ALL my data. 

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Galaxy S9 Series

Hi @Vixx 


First try Safe Mode which disables any downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working and then see what happens. If it stops then one or more of your apps are causing this. Come out of Safe Mode and start deleting your most recent apps one at a time until it stops.


If the issue does not stop in Safe Mode then..


1. Turn the phone off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phones system files and clear the cache.  No info is lost this way.


If no help....


2. Back up and remove any relevant Sd card and factory reset as a last resort.


If no help.....


3. Use a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre when they re open after the COVID-19 pandemic.


4. Contact your countries Samsung Support Department.


These are a few results from a Google Search.

There are many more you could look at. 


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Galaxy S9 Series

My thanks. I had tried a few methods suggested by Google, but hadn't tried safe mode. Interestingly, my wifi wouldn't turn on even in safe mode, but when I switched safe mode off it automatically switched on suddenly. Very odd. I'm just waiting to see if it randomly starts turning off or if it's sorted.