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S9 USB Tethering

(Topic created on: 25-01-2019 05:10 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

I use Android Transfer. My S9 does not transfer files to Mac consistently. USB tethering keeps switching off. USB configuration sometimes does not allow MTP, it’s greyed out! I've looked and tried all the suggestions online, non of them are consistent and stable. I'm getting really cheesed off.

Booked a 'Tech Support' for yesterday (Thursday) allocated for between 3 - 5pm. Came back from central London meetings to be available and waited for the Samsung call. None came!

Samsung called this morning (Friday) but I was not available. I returned the call later, to the Tech Support line number. Four time the line went dead after going through the voice message process. So I went through the Samsung Sales number... immediate success! I wonder why? They put me through to Tech Support and the line was appalling, they could hear me but they sounded as if they were talking through a couple of army socks. So I gave them my number and they said they would call back... guess what? They didn't!

The phone is great, the tethering and settings between machines is dicky, You would think that between two large IT companies Google Android and Samsung they would have an effecient system?

Oh, before I forget, the Tech Support... don't ask.