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Original topic:

S9 unlocked but possibly region locked ?

(Topic created on: 03-11-2021 12:08 PM)

As per title .

Have a galaxy s9 that is network unlocked from factory.

Upgraded to s21 when contract ended.

My wife is in the states at the moment and im in the UK .


She was having problems with her phone which is a iphone  so i said i would send my spare galaxy s9 over .

Reset before sending all working etc .


Tried her sim and just comes up sim not recognised 


Any help would be great 


Below is phone details . It does work with any sim uk as was tested with 3 , vodaphone and o2 before sending . Originally on EE

Model Info: MOBILE SM-G960F


IMEI Number:

Master Number:


Model Desc: Galaxy S9

Model Number: SM


Model Name: SM-G960F

Warranty Status: Out of


Estimated Warranty End Date:


(Samsung Service centers have the final decission about the


Production location: Korea SEC

Production Date: 07-12-2018

Country: United Kingdom

Carrier: Factory Unlocked

GSMA Blacklist Status: Clean


Try going Settings
Backup & Reset
Network settings reset

Thanks will get her to try . 

Try and write up what to do and hopefully will work :smiling-face:


When say back up and reset do you mean back up / reset phone again ? Or just network reset ?


And should the above be done with her usa sim i stalled ?


She does have a uk giffgaff sim there


Thanks again for the advice 

Just Network reset

Does or should it matter if the usa sim is in at the time ?

If doesn't work would it be viable to factory reset with the usa sim installed 



Thanks again for the reply will keep the post updated 


Ok so wife tried the above and still the same 

Contacted samsung uk provided receipt of purchase . Promised code  within 48 hrs and still nothing they said 4 times i never attached original receipt which i followed up with emails showing i did .


Then told 14 days for a region unlock code then 48 hrs agai  



Contacted samsung usa who said if i was in the usa as its my phone i could phone and be unlocked asap .

Unfortunately i cant phone tbe toll free number from the uk 


Any other suggestions . 

Everything works untill switches to usa network the says not recognised 


Tried a giff gaff uk sim . Came up giff gaff then switched to t mobile then error again 


Any more help be great  


Well still getting no where and just being lied to by samsung day after day .

Contacted on the 9th November and i contacted again on the 10th November with proof of purchase of the phone .

No one reading messages .

No one reading emails just copy and paste answers .

Explain i had the phone for two years in the uk with a uk sim and it never left the uk so this should in theory make the phone region unlocked ? 

Explain that the phone is in the USA  that it works with all uk sims .

When my wife puts in a sim from uk in it . I did test before shipping over to my wife!!

It shows ( giff gaff ) then the network changes to T mobile then sim not detected.....

Any usa sim just comes up sim not recognised

Have chat scripts saying it will be sorted by end of day 

Chat scripts saying 24 hrs / 48hrs /14 days 


Also chat scripts and emails saying mid way through this period  it will be 14 days from then that ill get a code


Not one has said the problem could be something else 


I even contacted samsung Usa.

They gave me a ticket number and a toll free number to call .

Only issue cant call toll free from the uk as need to speak with phone owner.

But said it would be sorted in ten mins once i do 



So im still on the assumption its somehow still region locked and needs a code of sorts .

Possibly enter from key pad via hidden menu ?



Only thing i done befire sending but after checking the phone was ti factory reset the phine then test .

Then reset again and ship 



Any help would be great 


Finally have a unlock code .

Havent been told it could be any thing else but its not asking for it on screen .


How to enter ?