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s9/s9+ One UI problems

(Topic created on: 22-01-2019 08:28 PM)
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Hi, i've just updated my s9+ to the new One UI and i have to say i'm very dissapointed:
first unlocking the phone with fingerprint is way slower and i feel that the the colors of the display are somehow washed comparing to the previous adaptive display function, the colors of the display used to be more vibrant and the icons were sharper. Also overall it feels lagy compared to the previous version. I know that s9/9+ are very capable smartphones but this update is just dissapointing.

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That's not good to hear @rexton


I'm awaiting the update for my Note 9.


Have you perhaps tried clearing the phones system files cache or as a last resort back up, remove the Sd card and factory reset which should help with any lag issues as this gets rid of any unused redundant files.


As the the way the display looks that's going to be a matter of personal opinion how it looks to the individuals eyes.


That said I'm sure all feedback is being collated from posts like yours and send back.


A person can also send important feedback like this via the Samsung Members App. 



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I've tried this and yes after one day i can say it's not that lagy anymore tho there are still some transition animations that sometimes stutter. The only thing that really bothers me is that unlocking the phone takes too long but otherwise i must say that they did a pretty good job with battery management, i'm actualy quite impressed. 

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Yes i am feeling the same for my S8.. it is always expected better from Samsung but this update just killed bunch of functions and it is laggy