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S9 or s8 the burning question

(Topic created on: 11/03/18 13:41)
Galaxy S9 Series

S9 or s8?


Well peeps the answer comes down to personal preference. But here's food for thought. 1 the camera on s9 is awesome. 2 sound is nothing but amazing. 3 the phone feels more robust than the s8. 4. Just the whole structure of the case feels more premium. 5. Ar emoji is a gimmick but fun. If you use a different sms app or you will get converted to a mms. 6. Dolby atmos, until you watched a movie on this awesome screen with the sound you will not understand what we missed out on with the s8. 


As I said at the beginning the s8 is still an amazing phone. Just this one is awesome.


But that's just my opinion judge for yourself.


Hope this helps people.

Tkfn sean