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S9 music syncing with windows media player BIG GLICH

(Topic created on: 30-03-2019 09:03 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

There are dozens of music albums on my desktop in windows media player. I'd like to put them on my S9 in the samsung music app.  I can do this easily using the sync function in media player. Here's the glitch.  Say an album has 12 tracks. When the album is synced to the phone and Samsung music is opened you will see the album cover and under that a list of the named tracks. There will be a random number of named tracks shown, say 8 for instance but the balance of the tracks are listed apart from the album separately identified as "unknown track".  This will not work for me or anyone else. It makes no difference if I  sync one album  at a time or many the screwed up results are always the same. This is a glitch with either the S9, the media player or the Samsung music app.

I should say that this process has worked for years past with other Samsung phones.  Any ideas folks??