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S9 Mobile Data and Internet

(Topic created on: 25/10/18 13:17)
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Galaxy S9 Series

Afternoon all, 


I have had my S9 for a few months now and all has been great. 


Recently however, im noticing that the 4G symbol is showing but the speeds I'm receiving are very very poor or in some instances I have no connection at all. 


After some playing around with settings I noticed that if there was no 4G available (even though the phone was displaying one) manually switching to 3G from LTE in the settings allowed me to obtain a connection.


Im also experiencing some issues with Web pages freezing both on Mobile Data and WiFi, and closing the application and re opening usually cures this issue. 


I have been into my local 02 store and they have carried out a sum swap although this doesn't seem to have helped. 

I did notice that carrying out a speed test on 4G outside the shop revealed a very poor result BUT when in store and connected to their internal relay I was seeing speeds of upto 40mbps.


Before I take the issue up with 02 and progress the matter further are there any known handset issues that could be related to my problems? 

As the connection is so unstable I have disabled voice over WiFi and 4G calling. 

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Superuser I
Galaxy S9 Series

I believe this is with o2 and their data connection and speeds where you are. 


Their online network checker will give you an indication of speeds and signal but us not a guarantee. 


As a process of elimination to rule out the phone perhaps try your sim card in another phone. 


If your phone is unlocked to all networks then try another networks sim card in the phone to test speeds etc. 


If it isn't unlocked then use o2's process to unlock it if you fulfill the unlocking criteria. 


I'm surprised the o2 shop performed a sim swap before ruling out the phone as a sim swap can take up to 24 hours to fully settle. 


Some phones will also hold onto signal better than others in my own user experience. 



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