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'round edge' mobiles unusable in Landscape mode

(Topic created on: 19-04-2018 02:05 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

The battery on my S6 needs replacing, and while it's worth something in part exchange I took the opertunity to upgrade to an S9+ partly based on the feedback that 'landscape mode has been fixed'. My S6 has never been able to make calls while mounted horizontally in the car, so being able get back that facility lost since my S4 was upgraded would have been nice. Except the S9+ is even worse. Not helped by the problems of clicking on links near the rounded edge of the screen. I think this phone is going back, but IS there any alternative or do we just drop back to a simple phone? I have little use for the camera anyway and I'm sure stripping that and other 'extras' we could have the processing speed at a much lower price ... and a flat screen would help as well.