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Ridiculous One UI changes

(Topic created on: 15-03-2019 09:35 AM)

I can't believe some of the ridiculous changes Samsung have made with the One UI update on the S9.


1. the recents menu - why don't I have the option for vertical list view any more? Why am I forced to use the awful iOS style horizontal scrolling? You can only see 1.5 apps at a time and end up having to scroll horizontally for ages to find an app you used a while ago! That's fine for people who like that, but why take away the option for small vertical scrolling tiles?


2. no more launching multi-screen by a press-and-hold on the recents button - why take away this option?! Now I have to go into the recents menu, press a small button on top of an app tile, select multi-window, then select the other app from the same stupid scrolling carousel! Why force me to go through 3 or 4 steps for something that used to happen with a tap and hold of one button? That's completely backwards - you're supposed to make things easier not harder!


3. no more switching top/bottom apps in multi window - why on earth would you remove this option? When you tap the central dividing line between the two windows, the options that used to appear (e.g. switch tiles, pop-out window etc) are no longer there. So I'm stuck in that view until I go to home? Again, ridiculous. Stop taking away options!


4. status bar clock now forced to appear in the top left - why?! I preferred it on the right with everything else. Why don't I have the option to move it back where I prefer it to be? I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but... STOP TAKING AWAY OPTIONS!


I really don't know what Samsung is thinking and hope they'll change things back to give us back options we had before and stop restricting us. I didn't buy an iPhone because I wanted more freedom, but the level of restriction is starting to feel very Apple-esque.

It's great to see feedback, it might however be important to recognize that some of the changes are made by Google though android pie

I'm sure some are, I don't have a stock Android device to compare. But this is a heavily skinned version that came out a long time after Pie was first released. Samsung has a lot of control over features and aesthetics. I don't believe that they could not have maintained the options that are now missing. I just can't excuse changes that make things more difficult and restrictive, and at the end of the day, I'm using a Samsung device so I hold them responsible.

You can use the Good Locks app to bring back some of the lost features and more.