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Recents button

(Topic created on: 18-12-2018 08:42 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

I currently have a samsung s7, but am looking at purchasing a samsung s9 when my current contract expires. I have an issue with the keyboard a friend with the S8 also has, so i am wondering if anyone with the S9 has had this (samsung themselves have said no one has officially reported the issue)


I do use the gboard but thats because i personally don't like the samsung keyboard, so this would apply to anyone using gboard on samsung s9


An example of what happens to me is
-i will be typing, and go to use a symbol, so go into the next portion of the keyboard with the '?123' button

-once I'm done typing and want to go back to the ABC keyboard, i'd hit that button, but accidentally hit the recents button instead.

-due to a half a second lag, or not paying attention, i'd then go to hit space bar, and instead I've actually hit the 'close all' which has appeared in its place.

-it closes all the apps and i've lost everything i've typed. so annoying especially in anything that doesn't auto save. Emails are generally saved in drafts but anything on social media is just gone!


Does this happen at all with the S9? It really will sway my decision as I've had nearly two years with the s7 and not adapted at all like i do with past phones. Really tests my patience. I also have quite small hands so this isn't a case of fat fingers. 

Galaxy S9 Series

Personally I don't use gboard but with my S9+ I don't have any issues with things accidentally closing. I will however post a screenshot of my recents menu.

Useful facts about the S9:
- Its possible to "hide" the navigation bar (including the recent) button which effectively removes it unless you swipe up (Effectively preventing accidental presses).
- Apps have the option to prevent this feature, this does however rarely happen.
- If you go in recents (Which is with the correct configuration hard to do unintentionally) and press "Close all" everything will indeed be cleared.

Screenshot_20181218-224237_Samsung Experience Home.jpg