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Rant on new UI pie udate s9 and the only way to change it

(Topic created on: 01-04-2019 09:44 PM)
Galaxy S9 Series

Everyone and I mean everyone needs to send feedback threw the Samsung members app. Its straight forward and takes no more than 2 seconds. It's ok venting on here and other forums but that doesn't achieve anything. Theres hundreds of people complaining on this forum, Facebook etc. Who's listening to these rants noone and it's not getting anyone anywhere. Imagine if everyone who commented on all these posts, the complaints were being sent directly to Samsung they wouldn't think their new update was so fantastic and they would listen at the moment nothing is being done because Samsung doesn't see it as a problem in fact they are quite proud of it. So if your like me and hate it. Tell them send feedback threw the Samsung members app and you'll get a reply almost immediately. Complain and criticize constructively make them listen.