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Please help!

(Topic created on: 20-12-2021 04:07 PM)

lock screen.png

I have this lock symbol on my screen. My problem is that i broke my screen, and cant see or touch anything. i have a screen adapter so that i can use my tv as a second screen with a usb mouse. but im stuck on this screen and cant do anything. this is a last desperate cry to try and gain access to my phone, in order to recover notes saved on the device. remote backup is not working with the notes app

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As i stated, i have a screen adapter. And the screenshot i posted is a lock screen, because it didnt have permission from the phone to, firstly use samsung dex, and secondly unlock the phone. I connected a usb keyboard to the screen adapter, and blindly pressed Tab to highlight the accept button to use samsung dex, and then enter to accept. then i entered my pin and pressed enter again. (i practiced first using another working phone where i could see what i was doing) After this i could use my tv as a second screen. connected the usb mouse and made the backups i needed

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Hi! Signed up to write my first comment only to say thank you, I have the same situation and honestly when I connected keyboard nothing happen, nothing reacted nothing happend at all... but then I just kept pressing tab and enter tab and enter and well... still nothing happen. Then I started pressing all buttons especially numbers on the keyboard and VOALA it logged in?!  Would not have kept trying if I didnt see your text, so thank you and good luck if anyone is in same situation. 

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This solution that worked for me:

While mirroring the screen to my TV (with a no-name adapter), i hit "TAB" and "Enter" serveral times in the "Time and Lock Screen".
I got access to the Emergency Call Screen. But wasn´t able to go any further from there.
I initiated a rebbot by pressing vol down + Bixby/Power and entered the reboot menue. There, i choosed "Side key settings" and surpise DeX stared. I needed to accept DeX by hitting a "start" button wich was nowhere to see, so i simply toched the dark handy display a few times and finally i managed to access the phone again.

voila :smiling-face: