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Persistent prenormal RMM state after region unlocking with code

(Topic created on: 11-02-2019 09:36 AM)
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I bought my S9+ in Saudi Arabia (product code SM-G965FZKDKSA) from the Extra store (so not locked to any carrier). It was my last day in Saudi, so I went back to Europe with the phone and requested the unlock code from Samsung to be able to use it with my Belgian SIM. I unlocked the phone with the code, did the initial setup, logged in my Samsung and Google accounts, then used it for a month in Belgium with my Belgian SIM card. During this period, the OEM unlock option in developer options did not show up, and the RMM state remained prenormal in download mode.


Back in Saudi, I performed a factory reset on the phone and restarted it with my Saudi SIM (STC) inserted. I went through the initial setup again and waited over a week, with the phone switched on and connected at all times, SIM inserted. The OEM unlock option never showed up after a week as it should. All the CSC in the phone info app and in the software information in the settings are showing KSA.


So my question is why do I not get the OEM unlock toggle, and why is the phone stuck in RMM prenormal state??? Does it have something to do with the fact that I region unlocked it with a code instead of making a 5 minutes call? Why would that be? I am a developer and this phone is worthless to me without the OEM unlock option...