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Only about 10% experiencing drop outs on S9/+ calls

(Topic created on: 17/04/18 02:48)
Galaxy S9 Series

Hi Folks


Okay some of you will already know Im one of many who appear to be having a call drop out problem on the S9/+ when on a phone call


For me it can be 10 seconds or minutes where the person on the other end of the line can't hear me


So, I made a video,  a sort of musical rant (excuse the singing I sound like a strangled frog I know)


{{Click here to watch it}}


The idea is to like it if you experience the same or similar?


But so far I'm surprised it's running at less than 10% of views to people having the problem?


I thought it would be a lot more than 10 percent? As I've had 3 phones so far and all 3 have done the same thing!


And that's to drop out during almost every phone call!


So if you view the video and you have the same or similar experience don't forget to "like it" (even if you...ahem...don't like the singing!)