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Only able to update s9 via wifi only

(Topic created on: 24-06-2019 07:24 AM)
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I'm never buying another Samsung product again. I purchased my s9 for 1000 dollars and come to find out I have a update pending. My phone will not update with many cellular data. Now the phone is acting stupid and I do not have access to wifi. It is very ignorant on Samsung part to think everyone has access to wifi. I do not have access to wifi now I have a phone that hate. My burner phone can update with cellular data. Why is Samsung micro managing how my phone can update itself. I the customer should have that option to how I want my phone to be updated.  I hate this phone also Bixby is  a total waste poor command and it doesnt respond with results that I ask it. This is such a gimmick I would rather use Google assistant which I had to start using because I cant depend on Bixby.