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OneUI: Camera Video in ProMode and Bixby VoiceUnlock

(Topic created on: 27/01/19 17:13)
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Galaxy S9 Series



first of all congratulations for the new user interface. I think it is a great improvement!


However, I have some questions regarding camera and bixby:


* The pro mode video button is gone. The cam now has a "video" mode to record videos.  I live in europe where the power frequence is 50Hz, so I need to set the shutter speed to a multiple of 1/50 to avoid flicker / interference. -- I've used pro mode to record videos in 50fps, but it seems this option is gone now. Question: How do I record videos in 50fps (50Hz)? [1]


* Bixby has had the nice option to unlock the phone using voice command. It seems that this setting is now gone. Question: Is there a way to unlock the phone using voice command and if so, where is it? :smiling-face:


[1] As a side note: For me software stabilization didn't work in default mode w/o smearing, so I've even used pro mode to record videos outdoors.  I'm surprised nobody complained about this standard video recording issue.



Galaxy S9 Series

I am experiencing the same problem with the Pro video mode since the latest update on the s9. The option to record video in Pro mode is no longer available which is something i used almost everyday. I have asked Samsung several times why this is with no straight answer given. I am just asked to send an error report which i did with no answer. It is a shame because the camera is almost useless to me now which is the main reason i bought this phone! I am considering buying an iPhone now.

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Galaxy S9 Series

Hi Simsun,


thanks for the reply.


With the january update the camera issues I've reported are gone, so I don't miss the pro mode video mode anymore.


I think the other issues will disappear over time. Until then, you may try to use the google camera app ported to S9 (still alpha stage!)

Galaxy S9 Series

I received Pie uodate today. Like you, I am very disappointed with this new camera app and lack of pro video mode recording. Please fix this as soon as possible!