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Notes App (Resizing Images)

(Topic created on: 23-04-2020 03:26 PM)
Galaxy S9 Series

Am I missing something or *why* has Samsung removed the option to resize attached images in the Notes App?!


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I moved from Apple because of the beauty of Samsung letting me actually have control over the things I wanted to do (where Apple were ridiculously restrictive). It was a constant joy to wonder if I could do something & find that Samsung would actually let me + more things that I hadn't thought of besides...


Now, this particular problem may seem a small thing but I'm beginning to think it's the thin end of the wedge (see other commentators on intrusive bloatware e.g. Samsung Pay permanently present & annoyingly 'pressable' at the bottom of the main screen; inability to uninstall certain Samsung & third party apps; etc.)... & what on earth was the need to remove something that was unobtrusive (there's a mile of space between 'Adjust' & 'Draw' on the toolbar) & useful?


Now a note that contains 10 images is (obviously) over 10 screens long, more difficult to read & I keep clicking the image when I actually want to scroll down which is time consuming & annoying (as it opens it in a new page for editing - & not even the kind of editing I'd like to do)...


I had asked Samsung in the past if they would consider an update to allow more than one (resized) image per line but it would appear that they're going backwards not forwards in usability & functionality?!

Galaxy S9 Series



Not sure if was a new update because I'm sure I tried the current solution at the time ... but If anyone who gets to this page is interested:


Click and hold the image.  Resize is (now) one of the options along with Cut, Copy, Paste & Select All.