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New OS 10 On Note 9

(Topic created on: 20-02-2020 01:54 AM)

So Verizon pushed the new OS 10 Update today to all my devices. I am running Note 9 on Pie as of now. But came here before installing the new 10 Version. I see many problems and only a few people are happy with it on all the new phones, Note 9, S9, Etc. 

       After the Lack of satisfaction out of the last update (Pie), I don't want to get further setback with this device. Originally Samsung promised fixes for Pie going back as far as last May 2019. Well as most of you know they didn't fix anything.

        I was really hoping after 1 year that the next version of Android software for the Samsung users would make it a much loved device. But from what I read here in the forums that isn't the case.

        How many of you have updated Note 9, and or S9 phones and were glad that you did? What improvements have you seen or noticed going to this update from Pie? People are reporting having app crashes, slow phones, problem with calls, and battery life.

         Whats you take on thses problems since updating to the new OS 10?

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What you'll generally see from forums like this and others @BigDaddy1  is people who have signed up to make their negative experiences known and to seek help. And rightly so.


You won't generally see people who take the time to sign up to say the update went fine.


I'm using the Note 10+ 5G and the Android 10 Samsung One Ui 2.0 update went without issues.


My son uses my old Note 9 and he's experienced no issues either.


Sometimes downloaded apps can clash with firmware updates as either the developer of the app hasn't updated the app to work with the new firmware or it has bugs. Either force stopping or uninstalling the app will help until the developer updates the app or releases another or people send enough bug reports to them. Putting the phone in Safe Mode helps to highlight if this is the issue.


If a person has issues that are not connected to downloaded apps then clearing the system files cache and or factory resetting usually helps.


You can elect to not update but going from some other user posts their phone has auto updated after a while even when they've selected not to auto update.


In regards to what the new firmware brings to your phone I'd suggest to check Samsungs Members app and blogs and YouTube videos to see what it brings for your phone and in some cases what features it may take away too !



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Thanks for the reply on this, and letting me know how your two updates went. Everything I have read in the last 5 days has been mixed, some good, but a lot of bad.

           My phone did the update last night all by itself. Even though I had turned off any automatic updates, or changes without consent. Which entailed lots of videos, and reading.

           That being said I don't like any changes happening to my phone without my consent. It is just wrong. This comes from previous updates ruining phone functionality.

           But all is not lost the update so far, (Knocking On Wood Several times) has been good. None of the issues I have read about. And so far the battery life seems to be as good as it was before the update. The coming work week will tell for sure. Thanks again for your time, and sharing your experience with the update.