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Is tempered glass screen protector really match on curved S9?

(Topic created on: 28-06-2018 05:07 PM)
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Hello everyone!


I really can't figure out if i should take a tempered glass screen protector for my samsung S9.

I saw online as much good review than bad ones saying that tempered glass protection is really not working with curved screen.


On the other hand, there are some plastic film protection that are recommanded but i am just afraid that this would not protect my screen enough, and as the reparation of a samsung screen is really expensive, i really want to have a good protection. However i don't want to wast 50 pound into a tempered glass that won't fit properly Smiley Sad


Very hard choice here aha i would need some help.


I thank you in advance for your response!

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I think the best I've seen us the WhiteDome protector but it's not a cheap option. 


All the others I've tried have basically popped off due to the silicone is just around the edges of the tempered screen protector. 


I personally use the Samsung Film type as 2 come in the box. 



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The screen protectors for the s9 and s9+ are curved to match the contour of the original display glass.  This design causes issues with the protector adhering properly the the display glass.  The protector also doesn't give the user the same feel and control over the touch.  There is an adjustment in setting that helps to a degree, but it's not great.  

I've been through a few glass screen prorector on my s9 plus, but removed them each after a few days. 

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Galaxy S9 Series

The best solution will be using a Case and a case-fit plastic film protection. Case for drop protection and Plastic film for scratch protection. My personal combo is Spigen Rugged Armor Case and GadgetShieldz screen protector. GadgetShieldz offers self-healing feature, so scratches will not be seen heavily and it covers the curved edge precisely.