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Google Play Store Not Working?

(Topic created on: 17-02-2019 10:07 AM)
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Since the newest update my google play store just does NOT work consistently. I can not download or install any new apps or updates at all. I don't get any error codes, it just literally does nothing. The download will sit there forever until i cancel it, with absolutely no progress. 

I have updated absolutely everything i can, tried clesring cache/cookies, restarting the phone, 4g and wifi.


This all started since the newest software update. Why am i paying this much money for s phone that does not even work? 


Anyone else had the same problem?

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Have you considered clearing the system file cache by turning the phone Off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phones system files and delete the cache files. This won't delete any saved info.


Or put the phone in Safe Mode which disables your downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working and then see if Playstore works.


A last resort would be to back up - remove any relevant Sd card and factory reset. But again as a very last resort.


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can look at the phone too.



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@Beth92 : Are you able to send an error report with log files on this one via the Members app for our software team to analyse? Members app > Support > Feedback > Error log.