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Google Play store keeps stopping

(Topic created on: 27-11-2021 04:16 PM)
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Hi,  my google play store keeps stopping. started 3 days ago. Had 4 Samsung tutors, fixed briefly.

They did reset. worked fine for few hrs then  has started again. Is it corrupt ? A second hand curved screen 3 or 4 yrs old. Bought 2nd hand about 6 months ago.

Any one else had same problem ? maybe best I buy Google Android, bypass the Samsung Knox system ?


Try going settings
Look for the playstore app
And clear cache And data
Restart phone
And see if resolves
The issue with playstore
First Poster

Hi xsteveuk

Gosh trying to search for replies  not easy on forum , its my first time  signing

up to Samsung forums.  I had to  enter 6 dig code, not easy for a 66 yr old

Canadian in Suffolk uk.

Yes I tried your suggestion. It didn't seem to solve however

I tried  by uninstalling the Google Play Store app entirely

then  did a restart, then  went to settings, apps and  reinstalled

google play store, that's what worked.

Strangely the 4 Samsung tutors didn't advise or conduct that

task !  My computer friend  did a factory reset yesterday, even

that didn't work. It was today when I  went to settings, then apps,

then uninstalled  google play store, and re installed play store  and  it worked and no problems.

My computer friend didn't realize  there was  a google playstore  available, thinking

there was only one that is fixed into the system if that makes sense.

I nearly though  bin my Samsung

and buy another 2nd hand one.

So I beat the tutors and even my computer friend on this one  hehe.

The  Google  "Play Store Keeps Closing "  pop up started 3 or 4 days ago.

Ringing Samsung Tutors, 4 separate times, while they failed to solve it.

I was on skype with my computer today friend when I suggested the option I

suggested, and  for a no pro, I solved it !  Though Your idea did in part

prompt me to try a complete re install of G Play Store.


However Google  Photos  is the only other app pop up  that continues to

say  Google Photos Keeps Closing. I tried to re install from the goodgle

play store  ( that works fine now ), and Google Photos won't budge.

However I never use it anyway so I just ignore using it.


So my non pro idea seemed to work. Well see what happens

tomorrow  !  Please excuse the long text but it may be a remedy !

Good chatting with You Steve where ever You are !




Thanks for the reply
Enjoyed reading
I do enjoy samsung members
And enjoy helping when l can
A tip when searching
On Google
Type Samsung
Then the query you are
Looking for
I find helps when searching
Samsung help pages
I'm from the Midlands
With a brumy accent
And looking forward
To my pension MARCH LOL
Nice chatting

Steve 😀