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Good Lock

(Topic created on: 18-06-2020 01:14 PM)

Samsung, for the love of f×××, please lift this absolutely stupid pointless country restriction on f×××ing Good Lock already! It's absolutely maddening that in 2020 an app whose main function is to just provide UI customisation options is not only not part of the basic firmware (instead of all the other bloatware that graces our phones), but is actually restricted to a very few countries, leaving most of the world SOL. End the idiocy once and for all, or at the very least provide an actual explanation as to why it exists in the first place. But I'd rather you just got rid of it entirely; this half-a××ed plastic thing you call One UI is ***** enough anyway without us being punished for no reason when it comes to customising it.


(I know Nice Lock exists, but we shouldn't have to resort to 3rd party "launchers" to use 1st party modules. Talk about backwards logic.)

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Hi @Gbr 


I agree that Goodlock should be available to all as it's a Samsung app direct from Samsung Galaxy Store so is safe.


It's not exactly clear why Goodlock isn't available to all and is dependent on country of origin so it appears to be a region thing !


Some possible help links 》



I do have access to Goodlock and have used it fkr some of it's features such as how my ooen pages show in multi tasking i.e tiles look but that was about it.


What would Goodlock bring to you @Gbr  ?


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