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Galaxy S9+ Major Update issues (DO NOT get 9.0 yet)

(Topic created on: 21-03-2019 04:29 AM)

I've updated my Galaxy S9+ few days ago and notice a growing number of issues and bugs:

  • Multi Window split is horribly broken. Causes many apps to straight up crash (Reddit for example) and if done in landscape mode displays a fully black screen that it's hard to get out of. Many apps do no center properly when scaling the windows and are overlapped by the top toolbar with the clock and other information. There is no way to know which app now supports multiwindow and which doesn't as the default behavior dumps you to the recent app and there is no screen that shows only compatible ones.
  • UI navigation is noticeably slower in many occasions. Going through menus some do not react when taping their options. I'm asking myself frequently "Have I tapped it or not" after the update
  • Samsung apps behave slow. Messaging, contacts, and pretty much any updated Samsung app when accessing and navigating it, I can see how the information is displayed element by element. Messaging for example, first background, then top header, then parts of the message than rest of the UI and this is very very noticeable
  • Transitional animations are mostly broken. When it works it looks good but in majority of cases the animations free and glitch or straight up don't play. There are multiple cases where the animation plays left only for the UI to glitch from the center after the animation ends
  • Fades ins and outs are mostly broken. Opening notifications panel has a fading blur, closing it is a snap to clear. Same behavior is with recent apps.
  • Locking and unlocking is noticeably slower. Takes up to 3 seconds for the AOD to display or for me to unlock the phone from off display
  • Auto reset is HORRIBLY broken! Let start that it was turned on by default! But not only that it was setup to reset once a week but it did that every day at 3 AM. BUT my FAVORITE part was when it actually did that, the phone was left on the PIN unlock screen making a CONSTANT REGULAR KEY CLICKING NOISE every odd second or so regardless if display is on or off. Was woken up two nights in a row because of it until I realized that it's the phone and why.
  • There are some gesture controls over the bottom buttons that i can't figure for the life of me how they work and if they are supposed to be there at all. When pressing them sometimes the phone glitches the whole area visually and the UI flickers through multiple screens in a second, ending with a half-displayed app in the end that needs to be closed as the touch doesn't actually work on it

This is in no way ready to release build. It's is most definetly still a BETA, do not recommend updating if you like a flyent and clean experience. The UI has constant glitches, flickers and other graphical issues. It is stable for the most part but it's not an experience i like to have on my phone. Don't have solid observations over battery life yet, seems to be the same as before. I personally don't enjoy the new look. Feels needlessly bulky and bloated. I do enjoy moving the contextual pop ups on the bottom (although not all are there yet).


Android 9 is extremely buggy, thankfully what I've noticed is only a multitude of mostly visual ones and the phone is very much usable, but I've had it only for a few days. I wonder what will be the issue tomorrow.


PS: Factory reseting the phone does nothing than waste more time to recover all the data back

PPS: Samsung need to take their software more seriously, while writing the comment pressed the page down on my kb by mistake and ended up with a broken website.. (try it for yourself too)


Hey guys!


@ShaMana - I've tested Reddit in the multi-window and it seems to work fine for me, both in portrait and landscape. I found that within landscape mode it is a little more difficult to navigate it as it wont show you the split screen until you select the secondary app. Along with that, all of the other issues you're having I'd recommend clearing the cache on your phone either from the Device Care or the cache partition.


@Pylorusred - I've tested some of the things you've mentioned and can confirm that they all work on the S9 Pie I have in the office. With the scroll capture, when you take a screenshot, along the bottom of the screen an edit/task bar comes up, from there press and hold the option furthest to the left (the box corners with the two arrows facing down) you can scroll and your phone will capture everything in one long screenshot. 
With the alarm volumes, head to Clock > Alarms > Selected Alarm > Alarm Sound > Change the volume at the bottom of the screen. You can follow the same steps and change the volume for the other individual alarms. Here you can also change the ringtone or have it set for the weather forecast and news via Bixby.
With 'Ok Google', I have tested this and it seems to work for me, make sure you have Voice Match set up and turned on on your phone: Google > More (Three lines, bottom right) > Settings > Google Assistant Settings > Assistant > Assistant Devices > Phone > Access with Voice Match. If this doesn't work try re-training your voice: Google > More (Three lines, bottom right) > Settings > Google Assistant Settings > Assistant > Assistant Devices > Phone > Voice Model > Retrain Voice Model. 


@Rasalok - Try doing a Microphone test on your phone: head over to your dial pad and type in *#0283#, then select “Start: RCV_1stMic”, speak into your phone like you’re on a call, can you hear yourself talk? Once you’ve done that select “Start: SPK_2ndMic”, talk into your phone like you’re talking to someone on speaker phone, can you hear the playback?


If there's anything else you'd like me to check I can do, I'd also recommend sending feedback via the Samsung Members app and/or clearing the cache. 


Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge


Here is an image of the working Split Screen as it's the easiest thing to reproduce. For convenience i've done it with a Third Party app and the official Samsung video app downloaded from the Samsung Store, in case someone say it's third party support issue. It's taken 20 seconds after pressing and holding the "Recents" button in the task bar and allowed for some time to load and stabilize. The second half of the screen is non touchable the split can't be adjusted and the only way to fix is to use the home button, which incidently crashes the video app on the left. 


I can record all of the issues as they occur 100% through out use, but it does take time and it's not my job to do quality testing.


Screenshot_20190206-134041.jpgScreenshot_20190206-140601_Video Player.jpg

Quality controls means testing the software under various conditions and not just single one to check if it functions properly. The split screen fails in my case 75% of all use cases.


Cache has been deleted multiple times and crashing apps reinstalled and updated to last version and on top of that, I'm clearly aware that this possibly can't help with majority of issues given how the one UI is created under the hood.


It's worth noting that NONE of the described by me issues existed in the previous Android verision. I don't need to say that updating should be a seemless process, not requiring any advanced input by the user.


Adding to the growing list


Media Volume Sync now isn't functioning on devices that i've been using for months...


I didnt use 3rd party launchers before but now i do.

The pie launcher is ugly once again they changed the colour of all my screen icons! Why!

so i went to eevie launcher and its so beautiful with a few downloaded icon packs and tweaks.

I had to install google keyboard because the samsung keyboard 100% failed everytime it opened, overlayed the app but no visible keyboard buttons to be seen and then white pop up box of "Samsung Keyboard has stopped working".

now i cannot find or access the clipboard for my cut n paste functioning.

so flamin infuriating.

wasting a lot of time here and trying to search up a fix.