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Galaxy S9 Android 10 One UI 2.0 Update Feb 20 - Lock Screen and Navigation Panel Changes - Text and Music

(Topic created on: 14-02-2020 09:59 AM)
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My s9 updated to android 10 and one UI 2.0 a couple of days ago. I've noticed that this has meant the text and icons on the lock screen are different - it's now difficult to read the clock / date text and the notification icons are barely visible - it's like they are blurry or have a shadow added - why was this changed as part of the update as I could see everything clearly before I updated my phone now I can't seem to have white time / date / notifications.


However the biggest annoyance I have just discovered is music that is currently playing can no longer be viewed from the navigation panel when you pull it down from the top of the phone. You used to be able to pull it down and press pause or next on a song, but now you have to add 'media' or 'devices' to the bottom of the panel and then click through and then change the song - the journey is a lot longer and I shouldn't have to have loads of clicks to view and change a song - please revert back to having music on navigation panel immediately.

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The "media" feature?? Why would they introduce this useless menu to just skip to the next song, or pause?? This is incredibly annoying. It also forgets the app that I am using. Can I set a DEFAULT MEDIA APP? Because if I am listening to Spotify then decide to watch a quick video on Chrome, the media feature tells me NO MEDIA PLAYING and I then have to unlock the phone, navigate to spotify and then play the song again...


FIX or bring back the old routines


And yeah, I cannot read the text on my homescreen either; I just unlock the phone now. Which is annoying when I'm required to enter a passkey for security reasons...