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Galaxy S9+after an update apps that can save files to SD card no access to the files Pics show gray triangle ! in midddle

(Topic created on: 26-01-2022 06:51 PM)
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Galaxy S9+ since August 2021 after an update all apps that can save files to SD card no longer can access the files I can view the SD card and all the files show up in the corrupt folder.  The same thing happens to any app I move to the SD card. I have searched, read, and tried every suggestion I could find on this issue.  I am on the latest version of the code and all of the patch levels. I have tried multiple SD cards of different sizes, brands, and speeds.  All SD cards have been checked on other devices and worked fine.  I have a Samsung tab 3 and a Samsung S6 tablet that started having the same issue at the same time as my phone.  Does anyone have a fix for this issue?