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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.

(Topic created on: 03-11-2018 07:09 AM)





Currently ALL newer flagship models are affected by delayed notification issue for at least past 6+ months,  which started happening after around may 2018. Most devices are affected such as: S7, S8, S9, Note 9 and similar.

This is related to "doze" feature of android phone, where samsung optimization whitelist options are not working correctly thus affecting almost all samsung phones.


The issue  is reproduced during following scenario:


1. User locks phone, waits around 5m

2. App sends notification (which is not marked as PRIORITY in google push services).

3. User does not get notification

4. User unlocks phone, and suddenly multiple "delayed" notifications arrive.


Multiple users has reported the issue and tried various workarounds such as:


- Disabling battery optimization for certain apps

- Disabling all battery optimization options

- Making sure "WIFI" connection is always maintaned, even during sleep mode

- Making sure DATA connection is always maintaned

- Restoring device to factory

- Totally replacing devices with new ones.

- Wiping cache and similar


There is currently only one temporarly solution working, which is disabling doze using adb console. This workaround is temporarly and works until next reboot. It requires setting phone to debug mode and connecting to it.


"adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable"


Samsung reaction:


Samsung is totally ignoring the technical issue since at least 6 months or more. There are multiple threads all over the web about such problem existing. Examples:











The issue is making phone totally unusuable for people who rely on instant notifications, such as alerts related to financial services like declining stock rates and similar. I dont understand why such critical thing like delivering notifications in time is totally ignored by samsung. The issue is not present on any other android phones.




If you have ability to contact someone of samsung development team, please forward this thread to make sure there will be finally reaction. Please reply to this thread if you have same issue.

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I have fixed all the problems (notification and download stuck google play store) !!!!!! 


The solution?


For anyone still having problems with downloading apps while Bluetooth is enabled, I might have found the solution. It seems that devices that have once been paired with your Android device may be attempting to reconnect with your phone even after the device has been removed from your Android device. This seems to cause issues with Bluetooth which in turn causes many issues on your Android device, such as downloading apps. I haven't had the issue return as of yet, crossing my fingers that this works. I stumbled across this solution when reading posts in other languages where a Logitech device using Bluetooth kept attempting to reconnect to a previously paired Android device which caused the Android device to have random issues like not being able to download apps from three Google Play Store. Sure enough, there was a headset attempting to connect to my device repetitively. Disabled Bluetooth on that device and it fixed my problem.
Try this and see if you are able to track down a device attempting to connect to your Android device then disable Bluetooth on the device you find.
Step 1: Download the nRF Connect for Mobile in the Google Play Store (it's free, not my app)
Step 2: Enable Bluetooth and open the nRF Connect app you just downloaded.
Step 3: Press the Scan button at the top right, if the scan does not automatically start.
Step 4: Look next to the Advertiser tab, when a device attempted to connect to my Note 10+, it opened a new tab with the device name. I cannot guarantee that it will always show the device attempting to connect or the device name. I may have gotten lucky.
Step 5: Disable Bluetooth on the device attempting to connect to your Android device.
Step 6: Restart your Android device and try downloading an app from the Google Play Store.
Please let me know if this sollution works for you. I'm very curious.


Disable Bluetooth and restart the Mobile. 


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This has got to be one of the most snake-oil- and placebo-filled threads on the Internet. 🤦🏻‍


Bless his heart for trying.  That solution might work for SOME people, but I was having this problem long before I started using Bluetooth.  The only fix for my phone is ADB Shell Doze.

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Recently came across this problem after purchasing an s10e One UI Version 2.5 and Android Version 10. I literally tried every fix and the only one that worked was adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable.

Its actually crazy how this issue isnt fixed yet. what a joke.


It IS pretty disheartening that they aren't making any attempt to fix it.  A couple of weeks ago, my S9 made a huge update and I was like "okay, this is it!"  I skipped the adb shell doze disable, and sure enough, it still wasn't fixed.  I otherwise love the phone.  I don't understand why there can't be an easy, permanent setting for this.

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You really made my day!!! Had been struggling with this issue for over a week now. 
Turns out it was caused by a bluetooth audio receiver that was trying to connect. 
Turning it off solved all my issues: Slow installation in Google Play Store, Delayed Notifications, Blue light schedule way off,...

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Hi there.  New to the Forum, first post.  I found this when doing a google search for my problem.  I didn't get a notification this morning for a game I use.  Fortunately, my team mates had me covered.


Seems Samsung still hasn't resolved this?  I gather from reading it's related to bluetooth?  I've disabled bluetooth and test some more.

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Still having this issue, following all of the disable battery optimization and all the other cr4p stuff like that, and yet the issue still persists.

I've tried the developer tools command line "adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable"... we'll see if this fixes it.

Shame on Samsung for ignoring this problem for so long, I've had it on my Galaxy S10 Plus, and now on my S21 Ultra as well. My next phone will not be a Samsung anymore, that's for ***** certain.


The idle disable will for sure work, but I'm sad to hear that it still happens on the S21.  Connecting to my PC any time I restart my phone is a huge hassle.  😞

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Yep. It's infuriating to see notifications roll in minutes later than the same tweet on my friends phone. I love Samsung products, but I won't be getting another Samsung phone after this. I can't, my job depends on immediately receiving notifications.