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Can't sign into work WiFi

(Topic created on: 08-02-2019 09:50 AM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

So I got my new S9 running Android 8.0 a couple of months ago, before this I had an LG G7 for a couple of days also running Android 8.0.  Neither phone connected to my work WiFi and I work in a buildiing with very a poor mobile signal so WiFi is a must.

 It's a fairly secure set up, you need to request an account and you get a time limited password and your email address is your username.

Everytime I log in I keep getting the same error message "Authentication failed"
I have tried every recommended fix I can find.

Clearing cache, reseting network connection resetting phone turning WiFi off and on again etc nothing gets me logged in.  I've never had any problem connecting other devices to this previously.  

Please help this is turning my phone into an expensive nightlight for 10 hrs a day