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Bluetooth phonebook transfer to Honda Pilot

(Topic created on: 20-07-2020 12:38 PM)
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BT works in my 2019 Honda Pilot. I can make and receive calls and I can play audio. However what does not work is the transfer of my phonebook and recent calls. Thus, the two buttons on my Honda display screen are grayed out and if pressed, state "phone does not support..."

Even more strange is that my S8+ works perfectly when paired but S9+ does not. There was a June update to UI 2.0 but don't know if this is the problem. The S9+ was working fine which is why I suspect the June update.

I downloaded Bluetooth Phonebook app and am using that to transfer contacts for now. It works fine but does not support downloading recent calls. Either way, something has changed and now the S9+ does not send the contact list or recent calls to my Honda. Tried everything (un-pairing, re-pairing, resetting Honda display unit, flushing S9+ cache... everything).

Still, S8+ works perfectly, S9+ does not. And yes, all sliders are set to "allow" in phone's BT menu.

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I have the same problem with My Note 8, Samsung should really be doing something about this.