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Bluetooth Connection Problems - S9/S9+/Note 9

(Topic created on: 22-11-2018 03:13 PM)
Galaxy S9 Series

Since the update in October I have been having problems with my S9+ maintaining a Bluetooth connection to some devices. It appears that the problem affects all Exynos based flagship devices (so S9 series and Note 9).

Whilst I can live with my speakers or car disconnecting (as annoying as that is), what I can't live with is my Continous Glucose Monitor disconnecting - I rely on this to manage my diabetes and warn me of high or low glucose in my body, and the possible impacts of that (ketones, coma, death - fun things like that)


The problems happen when the phone is not being used and the screen locks itself - this seems to cause the connection to the Bluetooth device to be missed or disconnect. As long as the phone is unlocked it maintains the connection. This was not an issue until immediately after the October update patch was installed.


I've spoken with other users of these CGMs who also have a 2018 Samsung flagship and they are also having the same issue. This appears to be affecting two types of CGM so looks to be a Bluetooth/Samsung issue rather than a problem with the apps, which worked perfectly until the update was installed.


The CGM devices are also not paired via the phones Bluetooth menu. They MUST be paired via the Bluetooth menu within the appropriate app for them to work and connect properly.

All Samsung have done for me so far is to suggest I call the Galaxy Stars phone line, and all they can do for me is suggest a factory reset.

To try to fix this problem so far I have:

  • Factory reset
  • Cleared Bluetooth cache
  • Uninstalled/reinstalled my CGM app
  • Rebooted the phone (several times)
  • Installed the November update (didn't fix anything)

None of the above have worked. Are there any other things I can try, or how can I get Samsung to take this seriously, log a complaint/bug report and investigate to resolve? I have been emailing them but I just get a standard response and asked to call the Galaxy Stars team.



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Galaxy S9 Series

This work for me! 

Galaxy S9 Series

Which CGM do you use? I used Abbot Libre 1 and am now using Abbot Libre 2. Both use NFC to communicate with the phone during regular readouts of the sensor data. The Libre 2 also sends alarms when glucose is higher or lower than pre-set tresholds. I had a lot or problems with previous Android phones from a competing manufacturer. When I tried the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 I also switched to a Samsung phone - the S21. So far, things work like a charm. But they didn't with my previous devices no matter how I tried to fine-tune the settings. So I am familiar with the problem!