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Bluetooth and Scala Q3

(Topic created on: 21-03-2019 10:33 AM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

HI All,


I am not sure if this has been covered or not, but wondering if anyone has an issue with the Samsung S9 and the Scala Q3 headset via Bluetooth.

For those that do not know the Scala Q3 headset typically designed to be used on a motorbike helmet, the Scala Q3 has 5 Bluetooth channels, 1 channel is for Phone connectivity, 1 channel for Satnav connectivity and 3 other channels to sync with 3 other Scala Q3 devices (dedicated).
The main issue I have, from a default phone, It can learn my Q3, when I turn my Q3 off and back on, the Q3 actually turns off when the phone is trying to connect.

The only why I can reconnect my Q3 device, is if I turn off Bluetooth from my S9, turn on my Q3, then turn on my Bluetooth on the S9.

Trouble is, that this becomes a little confusing.

As I have my S9 learnt, my Satnav, Scala Q3 and 3 other Bikers.  So before I can connect to other devices I have to complete the following...

S9 turn off bluetooth

Scala Q3 turn on

Satnav on

Biker 1 on

Biker 2 on

Biker 3 on

S9 turn on Bluetooth.

so it is a little painful, as if I do not follow these steps, then my phone will power off my Q3 headset.  causing loss of conenction to other devices.

Has anyone seen or had a similar experience?