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Bixby Voice connections issues

(Topic created on: 10-05-2018 09:18 PM)
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I bought my Samsung galaxy s9 a week ago and it was working brilliantly. Today my Bixby got updated and I can't really use it as it keeps saying there's a connection issue. My broadband works perfectly fine, speeds are about 200 mbps and I also restarted my phone. Does anyone have a similar issue? Bixby lags and very often comes back with connection issue rather than respond to my commands. Even if I make it respond, I takes ages when before the update it was almost instant. I'm quite disappointed and I wish I didn't install it ☹☹


Hi there,


Yes I have encountered many of the same messages that Bixby returns, that there is a connectivity issue while I'm working either on a 4G Mobile Network or a nice stable WiFi it still comes up with this message. There must be a bug in the software and I really hope soon they will fix it. I remember on my first s9+ (have a new one now) it was working just great and dropped this message once in a while when there was truly interuption on the network such as changing from mobile to wifi you get what I mean. Let's wait and see what happens.