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Bixby not responding to voice or button.

(Topic created on: 20-03-2018 12:47 PM)
Galaxy S9 Series

Bixby has stopped working completely. No voice response and no button response. There are only the three little dots at the top of the bixby section when I swipe right, no bixby world icon and no cog icon, either.
The "my bixby" card which showed my world ranking has also disappeared. 

One suggestion to wipe data and cache of all bixby apps did not help. 
Hope you can help?!

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First Poster
Galaxy S9 Series

This is because of the steady degradation of your phone through updates. When I first got my s10s, I would literally say hi Bixby to a phone and it would Pick up on the other phone in the other room and the one I have in my hand that I was talking to.  Now, I can literally have both phones closed as possible to my lips and barely one of them will pick it up. They downgrade all brand new phones through updates, so you can buy a new one soon. This is why Bixby felt so easy and convenient to you when you first got it. But feel like a hassle for the rest of your phones life. Not the same as when it came out the box. Cheers.