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Bixby and google maps

(Topic created on: 09-03-2018 12:59 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series



How do you get bixby to search for a place and start navigation via bixby? I manage to open google maps with the prashe "open google maps" but there it stops. "navigate home", "travel home", "Search for ...", "take me home" etc etc etc doesnt work. 

Yes I have my home adress added and I've tried just searching for cities. Both bixby and google maps are updated.

I can't solve the issue by creating my own command either.

Thanks in advance

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Galaxy S9 Series

I am also experiencing the same thing on my new phone. Additionally I get mixed results with the same command: "Open Google maps" will sometimes yield a reply staying she is unable or can't do that yet. Other times she opens it right away. 


I used Bixby on my wife's phone a year ago and it was very fluid. Even complex commands would would be carried out on the first attempt. I was very impressed when I asked her to "open Google maps and tell me how long it would take to drive to the Wonderful restaurant in Hampton Virginia then begin navigation." Back then she would open the map tell me how far it was from my location, how long it would take, and commence the navigation. Back then on my wife's phone she responded imprrsively with similarly complex alarms, complex calendar events, complex contacts. Even custom questions were effortless. 


Now on my new note 8 its taking me about 40 minutes to teach her how to answer the custom question "hi bixby. What is my wife's name?" I'm certain I used the same settings. Why is there such a drastic difference in performance? I exepected her to have improved. What happened? Is it me? Is it the phone? What information can I provide to help answer? What can I do to improve her performance? 

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Galaxy S9 Series

Here is a tested and 100% working method:
1. Show me (your place name) on the map

2. Navigate there

 you should choose a place name with a unique name on google maps fir the map to choose your place not any other place, and without brackets. you may use many words to determine the place to maps.

Greetings for you all