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Battery Drain - Galaxy Store Tools I think is to blame, now how to fix/stop

(Topic created on: 12-06-2021 11:06 AM)


I have another post under: Samsung Location SDK battery drain as this is the item at top of the list of usage but no mention of what is using the location.

Had this question here & elsewhere but no answers at all.

By luck I stumbled on App setting for Galaxy Tools

It has the same % as Samsung Location SDK so guess/hope (I have narrowed it down as spend weeks) this is the specific App causing the problem.

No way to uninstall, force stop it just starts again next time I look.

I have just removed it, compass etc from the edge side bar & hope this if effectively turning it off.

I have always, since new & so well over 2 years had the compass etc. enable in edge bar menu so not sure this will help, if it does, why just now causes an issue?

Will report back if this helps.

Either way does anyone know if this can be disabled fully or uninstalled, seems to be integral samsung stuff.