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Are you upset by clock moved to right in Pie? There is solution!

(Topic created on: 08-03-2019 09:50 AM)

Hi, there is a set of tools named Good Lock by which you can customize your phone. One one the possibilities is change clock position. It worked only in Oreo but yesterday has released a new version for Pie!




Long story short: Download Good Lock and QuickStar

Then install both. If you are in supported country you should be able to run GoodLock and QuickStar module directly.

If not you have to launch the activity. If you use launcher like Nova Launcher it supports this itself, or you can install Activity Launcher


Follow the instructions below:

  1. open Activity Launcher
  2. click the small arrow at the top, next to the "Recent Activity"
  3. select "All Activities" and find the application you want to run in the list below
  4. you can find NavStar and see that it has two activities - About and MainSettings. Select MainSettingsActivity
  5. then the application starts and you can start it


Long article unfortunatelly still only in czech is here, you can use automated translaction

I believe it can help. The article is about older version but it could be still helpfull.