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Are we right to complain about the call drop out problem or not? (youtube vote)

(Topic created on: 05-05-2018 02:10 PM)

Hi Guys


I am starting another thread because there is just too many posts on the other thread and these things just get lost


member zee54 on the main thread feels that we shouldnt expect (as "early adopters" of such complicated new technology that the Samsung S9/+ is) to have a phone free of any bugs that need fixing out of the box when its new even if its a basic function as making phone calls. And its unfair of us to expect great customer service as Samsung is extremely busy and has a million other things to deal with not just the Samsung Galaxy S9/+


Many on the other thread think that making phone calls is a primary function and shouldn't need to be fixed down the line and many also feel that Samsung customer service has been appalling. They feel as I do that the continual denial from customer service and technical support of the problem and the lack of communication with us has been truly dreadful even if they have a million other things to deal with.


I feel that a flagship phone costing close to £900 should make phone calls just like every other phone I've had thus far straight out of the box


So I have asked the question in a video today


Please feel free to comment and give it the thumbs up if you are unhappy and feel right to complain or thumbs down if you think we are "Beta testing early adopters" and should be much more patient with the phone and customer service?


Do you think that Samsung have let us down YES or NO? [click here]


Like to hear your thoughts 

It's not about being early's about the quality with which Samsung delivers the product..I am a Samsung lover or you can even call me Apple hater...But when a basic function like calling is screwed, frustration is make it worse, you got to visit the samsung experience store 4 times, be on calls for long time, only to get a response "No issues were found in our diagnositics. We have reimaged the phone for you. So, please try it now". Never did they acknowledge that there was issue, until 2 weeks before...

BTW, to whoever says that there would be hiccups during initial days..I can understand if the issue occurs with a top class feature (like iPhone's FaceId) that they introduced with S9+, but this is a basic feature since dual-sim came in to existence...we didn't donate money to samsung..we need a quality product, at least that doesn't mess the most basic function...I wonder what kind of testing had happened before they released S9 and S9+