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Android Auto

(Topic created on: 04-12-2022 06:58 PM)
HTC Systems
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I have a S9+.  It is on the latest version of Android 10.  I also have a Sony radio with Android Auto that is on the latest 1.27 firmware.

When I connect to the radio USB cable to the phone, Android auto tries to connect.  But says there is a permission issue in turning on notifications and I need to go to phone.  I have reviewed all Android Auto application setting and all permissions and notifications are turned on.

Keep in mind, I just tried my wife's A5 phone and Android Auto worked fine.  This tells me the USB Cable, and the Android Auto are just fine and working.

I read somewhere here that someone had the same issue and it was fixed by some type of USB adapter.

Please assist.  I do not want to upgrade my phone, as it meets all my needs.