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9+ Message Tone Removed?

(Topic created on: 20-04-2018 07:51 AM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

I've recently upgraded from the S7 to the S9+...

Overall I'm satisfied seeing as though I'm a huge Samsung fan. But now I have major issues with texting. I started with the S1 & continued with all the odds since (S3, S5, S7). I was actually pretty upset when (Samsung) removed the ability to surf the internet while phone was in use with the S6 & S7. Yet still... I never had the issues I'm having now. 

1st... what happened to the ability to set individual message tones for contacts? 

2nd... what happened to the ability to swipe to call a contact from texting? 

3rd... what happened to the ability to change texting backgrounds & bubble colors? 

This is rather outrageous Samsung! The S9+ is probably the most expensive, powerful & jaw dropping galaxy phone to date. Those  minor options should definitely be standard at all times!!

Yes... I could download another texting app easily for the options I require. The thing is... I own a Samsung Gear S3 watch & it only works seamlessly with Samsungs texting app. There has to be an update for these issues ASAP!!✌