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WPS service.

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Hi S9 Team,

I am actually new with s9 and recently I updated my phone to one UI, it was all going good and I like the night mode feature as I have issue with my eyes im easily blinded by light, going back on issue, Im just wondering where is the WPS service? I use it every day on my work saving time and effort keying wifi password. I research about it and it seems that in one UI update it was removed, I would like to know if it will be in service again in the future, if so estimated time? Also is there a way I can still use wps service using an "app" or do I have to downgrade to previous update if so how do I do it and could you help me because I am not tech savy to be honest. Hoping for your quick assistance. Thank you Samsung and have a great day.



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Hi @Prax. I had a look into this one, and found out that WPS was removed by Google in Android Pie/9.0 - hence why it isn't in One UI on your S9. As far as I'm aware, there aren't any plans to support WPS in future Android updates.


I'm unable to recommend any particular app, but it's worth having a look around on the Play Store for a decent WPS app that'll work for you.


Hi AntS,

Is there a  way I can restore my phone back to point that I haven't updated my phone? I really need wps in my work. They shouldve write it on the update log. If I saw it I wouldve updated my phone. Sigh.


Hi I recently got an A10  The wps option is missing on that too. I tried to contact Samsung support but they didn't seem to be able to understand whatI was talking about. Wanted me to travel 80 miles to have phone checked by a Samsung Engineer they didn't seem to be aware that te option was on previous phones It a very useful option and save the hassle of password input for connecting to routers

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